Family Get Together

Today my family had our annual Labor Day get together.  It is a special time to come together as family. Parents (Dwight and Fannie Heatwole), siblings (Pat Hertzler, Rich Heatwole, Ev Borntrager and Ed Heatwole) , spouses (Gene Hertzler, Marj Heatwole, Phil Borntrager and Eileen Heatwole),  grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  The family has grown to 48 plus 4 deceased (2 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren), and 3 are on the way!  My parents are still living; they are in their 80’s.  We are a blessed family!

This year we met at Richards lovely home in the valley.  They are home on a two-month leave from their work with We Care Prison ministry in  Alabama.

Daddy, mother, and us siblings, along with our spouses, met for breakfast this morning with the rest of the family joining mid-morning. It was a relaxing and fun day chatting, catching up, playing games, eating, and comparing our electronics-finding out who was using what app!

Here are some pictures from our day.

Richard cooking hamburgers on the grill.

Obe Hostetter and Marj Heatwole

Starting by the door and coming clock-wise: Mother, Gene & Pat Hertzler, Eileen & Ed Heatwole, Daddy, Ev Borntrager, and Rich Heatwole

Phil Borntrager

Ev Borntrager and Eileen Heatwole

Gene Hertzler

Richard was on his “soap-box”!

Evelyn’s grandson, David Nolt.

My granddaughters Emily Hertzler, Karla Hostetter and Lauren Hertzler.

Lauren Hertzler reading to Lincoln Heatwole

Marj holding granddaughter, Kyra Niess,  Heidi Nolt and Mother.

Krista Heatwole

Emily & Lauren Hertzler,  Karmen Arbogast

Karla Hostetter

Ryan Hostetter

Daddy and Ev

Ed and Eileen

Gene and Pat

Micah Heatwole

Austin Landis

Marj, Ev and Mother

At least I didn’t have the spoon in my mouth!

Jake and Kyra Niess

Brian and Donna Borntrager

Karla & Jill Hostetter and Lauren Hertzler playing a game.

Fun times and good memories!

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