My Feet Hurt

If any part of my body hurts it is usually my feet. From time to time, my feet give me a fit.  Sometime it is a corn on the side of my foot, or  a sore spot on the ball of my foot.  Most of the time it is just tired, sore feet. Now it is my heel. For years I have had to wear “granny shoes” and only admire the stylish ones other gals wear. However, I must say, I am so grateful to SAS for making comfortable shoes for folks like me.

About three weeks ago  on a Sunday afternoon in the matter of a few hours I developed a pain in my left heel that left me limping and hopping in pain; excruciating, piercing pain.  And this was just after a vacation where we mostly rode and I was on my feet a minimal amount of time. I should have been rested and refreshed.  I figured I had somehow bruised it but didn’t have a clue how.

Finally after about a week of almost unbearable pain, I  hobbled to Dr. Earnest, a customer who is a podiatrist.  He confirmed what I was beginning to figure out. I had plantar fasciitis.   Let me tell you, this is not a fun ailment!  I have been limping and hobbling like a crippled old woman!!!!  My toes are even sore from walking on them.  One evening Gene asked me if I needed a walker. It wouldn’t have done any good as both feet were hurting so bad I could barely put weight on either one.  Try walking to bed on no feet! The “good”  foot was reacting from protecting my hurting foot. I have also found that there is a “club” of other fellow sufferers!

Finally I am now into a “healing” regime.  I am learning about stretching the plantar ligament  and reducing swelling with ice. Today I got my “air boot”; a stylish, cushiony, navy-blue cam-walker with an air pump designed to keep my foot straight so the ligament can heal without being constantly re-torn every time I get up in the morning after a night of healing and rest.  The fun part is learning to rock this baby from heel to toe as I walk.

This lovely, clunky, $157 boot is now my best friend and will go everywhere I go for the next month or so.   Without this boot I won’t heal.

In about a week I will get my orthodics designed to fit into my shoes and adjust my step.  The doctor said I will even have to wear the orthodic in my boot! Oh, me!!!   I know, it can be worse and I am grateful it is “healable” with proper care.  Two weeks ago I told the doctor I was ready to cut off my foot!

By the way fasciitis has one of the strangest spellings for a word.  I believe someone said it is the only word with 2 ii’s in a row. (I don’t know for sure if this is a fact).  I think I know why…your feet hurt so bad all you can think of is i…i…i!

My progress…at one month into this ordeal!

I am doing so much better but I am not totally healed yet!  Fellow sufferers have told me I will get there and I think I am starting to believe them!!!

I am learning two things:

  • There is no instant “fix” or cure!
  • It is essential that I do my foot stretching exercises.

I will share with you what I am doing, besides using the cam-walker, just in case you are suffering and need some help. I must say I am NOT a doctor or a nurse.  If you are suffering, please see a doctor and let them help you.  I’ve had people tell me that suffered for months or years before getting professional help. This is just my journey…..

The doc initially wrapped my foot in 2″ wide brown medical tape.  He said the tape was available at the drugstore but our drugstore does not have it so I used 2″ wide white adhesive tape from the our feed store that is used for taping horses legs. That worked for several weeks and then it pulled some skin off the bottom of my foot and I had to stop.

Here is how you tape.

Cut some short pieces of tape-maybe 5″ long and put around the bottom of your foot as shown below, going all the way to the heel keeping your foot relaxed. Do not pull tape tight. Just put it on naturally and relaxed.

Cut another piece 3-4 inches long and lay on top of your foot with sticky side up.

This will keep the next step of taping from sticking to the sensitive top of your foot.

Take a longer piece of tape and lay it on top of the sticky side up tape and wrap it around the bottom of your foot.

This helps to hold the arch ligaments in place.

Then cut a long piece of tape 12-14″ and wrap it around the foot starting near the toes, go around the heel and up the other side.

You have now made yourself a taped sock! It will feel good and it is amazing the support it gives.

You either have to keep your foot dry when you take a shower or remove it every evening (like I did) and redo in the morning. I was glad to have it off my foot at night.

I got a “night” brace at the drug store to wear at night. It is soft and keeps your foot from getting turned in funny positions during the night. It also holds the toes slightly pointed back towards your body. This also feels really, really good. You can not walk in it and if you have to get up during the night you have to slip it off and remember-stretch those toes before hitting the floor!

The other absolutely essential part of getting better is the foot stretches. The doc tells you this, the people where I got my cam-walker said it and fellow sufferers have verified the need for doing them.

Foot Stretches-there are numerous ones, but I will tell you about the ones I am doing.

  • First thing in the morning-before your foot hits the floor- bend your toes back towards your body. You can feel the ligament in the heel pull.  Bend your toes back and hold several seconds, repeat several times. If I do not do this one I have ruin my whole day. Your foot ligaments heal and stiffen during the night. You have to release that ligament or you will have shooting pain and feel like you are walking on a ball.  You have just undone the healing that took place during the night. Numerous times during the day I will flex my toes back as far as I can back towards my body. (You can use a towel to pull your toes back if you are too stiff to do it).
  • Put your hands against the wall-I put one on each side of the door jam and set my feet back about 3 feet.  Keep the foot straight with the heel on the ground and bend knee of the good leg. You will feel the muscles in the calf of your leg pull. Hold for 1-2 minutes, release and repeat several times.
  • On a step, bring your toes on both feet as close to the edge as possible. Drop your heel slightly and hold. Again you will feel the ligament pull.  I learned a hard lesson on this one-I dropped my heel to far and messed myself up for a day or so.  The first time only drop the heel for 5 seconds. Each time add 5 seconds. Someone told me a 2by4 works good. You can’t overdrop your foot with it.

I am still waiting on my orthodic and can hardly wait until it comes in. At this point my heel is not hurting me unless I am on it too much and I can now walk without pain. Yea!  This is a big deal and I am so grateful to my Heavenly Father. I have been talking to Him about it also.

This weekend I put my regular shoe on and cleaned the house. My foot got tired but I still had no heal pain.  This was the first time I cleaned since this ordeal began. I simply had too much pain in my heel to be on my feet.  I am still dealing with some general foot discomfort due to the cam-walker rubbing my little toe, my arch hurting, my shin getting use to the cam-walker, or my other foot hurting because of favoring my sore foot.  I have talked to people who have suffered for months and years before getting better. I am making progress and I am seeing results!  I am a long ways from where I was at a month ago. I have not needed a cortisone shot-at least not at this stage which is another option to help in the process.

September 9: It is not over two months and I am totally pain-free. Praise the Lord.  I still need to stretch my foot before I get up in the mornings but I am adjusted to my orthodics and no longer think about my feet all day long and every step I take.


  1. Jeanne Dunn Said:

    I read your blog on your foot pain. Someone who understands my pain. I get my cam walker tomorrow. I have a question for you. Did you have the pain in both feet? I do and I am wondering what happens when wearing one boot, does the other foot suffer? Thanks!

    • Pat Said:

      I only had it in one foot. I can not imagine having it in both. I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllll for you. I would ask your doctor. I would think walking in two boots would be a little difficult??? Let me know how it goes.

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