The Dog Days of July

July can be brutal and this year was no exception. We had 100 plus degrees with high humidity for 2 solid weeks followed by a week of storms. This week it has been in the upper 90’s with high humidity and frankly, I am tired of it.

My feet hurt and I am hot and miserable! More about my feet in a another blog. (Read “My Feet Hurt” in the Everyday Life or July 2012 category).  In this blog I want to show some July pictures from around the farm.

A hawk-he didn’t let me get very close!

The BMR corn Gene planted for hay.

Mama cow licking off her newborn calf.

A big storm damaged one of our trees.

Power lines went down and we didn’t have electricity for 1-1/2 days.

Daylillies-one of the joys of July.

Full moon over the silos.

Harvesting sweet corn.

Shelling limas

Bountiful Better Boy tomatoes

Wondering refreshing rain after several weeks of heat and drought.

Lantana  enjoying the heat and sun.

Eating and canning tomatoes.

Grandkids, Karla and Ryan, were here for several days.

Black-eye Susans

Fresh “Blushing Star” peaches from the orchard to freeze and can.

Fresh, fried okra with onions for supper and I don’t have to share. (Gene does not like it!)

Even though it is hot and humid and almost unbearable at times I would not trade my place in the country for the concrete of the city.  Sometimes it pays to look around a little and you realize your spot in life is pretty good!


  1. coleensr Said:

    Your pictures truly capture summertime on the farm. Oh, and if I were there, you would have to share the okra and onions with me!! (The limas too!)

    • Pat Said:

      I would be delighted to share with you-come on!

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