One of those days

Yesterday and the day before were not fun. They were what you call “one of those days”! We hoped tomorrow would be better and it wasn’t. Let’s see, how many things can go wrong in one day.

Before 8 AM Tuesday everything was lovely!!!! But then we discovered the forklift would not start. The forklift has to run, it does the job of 10 men! We had trucks to load, deliveries to make and feed that we needed to get out of the warehouse. After working on it for several hours Gene finally called the forklift repair man who came out and got it fixed. In the meantime they limped by using the forks on the front of the tractor. We were able to scrap by but weren’t able to get into the warehouse as the tractor is too big.

In the midst of that problem I notice the water pressure in the house was tremendous and then a little later it was very low. This is not a good thing. After going on a search and checking all the water lines we discovered a blown out pipe by the mobile home. Water was running down the hill and bubbling out of the ground. Fixing a water pipe underneath a trailer is not Gene’s idea of fun but finally after several hours he had it fixed. During the day several water lines popped apart in my chicken houses from the pressure. Hopefully I now have them all fixed.

At supper time I went to my freezer room and discovered lots of water on the floor. Apparently the high pressure on the lines caused water to come out of the bottom of the hot water heater. At least I now have a clean floor!

On Wednesday our main delivery truck broke down. Leon was out on a delivery but was able to make it back home. We ended up having to get a tow truck to take it to the repair shop. They found a wire loose to a pump and later called for us to come get the truck but when we got there, the truck would not start. Now they think there is a stuck value. We finally were able to catch up on deliveries using the pickup and gooseneck trailer.

Later in the day I noticed the water pressure was low again. After searching, we found that the repair job that Gene had done yesterday had broken apart again! Gene also replace the pressure value on the tank as it appears it is sticking and allowing too much pressure on the lines.

Today-it was much better. Except for a flat tire that had to be fixed twice and a dear friend who was 90 years old dying, it was a good day. Sometimes, you just have “one of those days!”

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  1. Jill Said:

    Wow, I take it all back…maybe my computer problems this past week really weren’t all that bad after all!

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