93 and Still Counting

What  fun it is to celebrate a birthday. It is a special day for the individual as they are the guest of honor, basking in the attention of family and/or friends on that one special day out of the year-their birthday. And it is also another numbered mile-marker, with everyone celebrating the completion of another year.

Mama Hertzler has reached her 93rd and Daddy will be 94 this fall. What an achievement!!! They still live independently and are enjoying reasonably good health. They have their “old age” challenges but then don’t we all?

Sunday we had a little party for her. Mama seemed quite pleased and everyone had a good time. Below are some pictures.

Singing “Happy Birthday” to her but she did not want to blow out the candles or make a wish!

Karla and Ryan Hostetter, great-grandchildren.

Granddaughter Jill Hertzler Hostetter giving grandpa a hug.

David & Margie Stall

Mama quietly taking it all in.

Jill Hostetter

Obe and Karla Hostetter

Myrna Alderfer

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