The Home Place

The home place always holds “treasured” memories for the one who grew up there. Here are some pictures from Gene’s home place in Denbigh, Virginia.  There are so many old and neat things to capture that it is hard to choose.  Here are a few things to enjoy.

Fig Tree

Sign hanging in grandpa’s work shop

Fig tree hanging across alleyway

And these folks-93- and still independent!

Pictures taken April, 2012

Gene and his daddy!

May 2012


  1. coleensr Said:

    I am sure each one of these pictures has an interesting story to tell! If only they could talk!

  2. Robin Morehart Said:

    I have boarded horses at Mr. Hertzler’s farm for 13 years and I have enjoyed it. I miss Mr. Hertzler already and really love all your pictures.

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  4. […] The Home Place […]

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