Supper off the Farm

Tonight we had a homegrown supper, raised on our farm-you can’t get anymore local than that!  We had grilled flat-iron Angus steaks, asparagus, spring onions, radishes, and strawberries.  Even the roses in the vase are from my rose garden. All the vegetables were picked within 20 minutes of eating.  The only things out of the fridge were the Velveeta cheese and milk on the asparagus.

If you notice, this is a low-starch meal.   Several years ago we changed our eating habits when Gene was diagnosed pre-diabetic (it runs in his family).  He took the situation  serious and started exercising and lost weight.  We eat very little pasta, corn, or potatoes and I almost totally eliminated sugar.  It was difficult at first to cook without potatoes but now we  don’t miss them.  Supper is so much lighter without them.

It is a good feeling to eat off the farm,  fresh out of the garden or from my homegrown stash of canned and frozen vegetables.   Sometimes I wonder why my grocery bill is as much as it is!!!


  1. obejill Said:

    It’s the potato chips!

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