Evidence That Winter Is Still With Us

This was the perfect snow-just enough and not too much-came fast and is quickly melting!

I love snow; the beauty, the stillness, the purity and the special feeling of life coming to a standstill.

With camera in hand I took some pics to document that winter is still here even though it is sandwiched between spring-like days.

The snow coming down Sunday evening.

The daffodils that were blooming profusely the day before (see “Hints of Spring” blog)

This morning the birds were busy at the bird feeder.

The cows were standing in line waiting to be fed at the bunk!

It is fun looking at tracks to see what animal has passed through. What tracks are these?

This robin found himself trapped inside my greenhouse. He was not happy! I did manage to get his picture before opening the door and he flew to freedom.

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