Hints of Spring

Today was a warm, balmy 65 degree spring-like day.

With my camera in hand I went looking for hints of spring.

I thought I better snap them quick as they are calling for snow tomorrow- Sunday!

I found daffadils blooming profusely.

A newborn baby calf eating lunch

Day lilies starting to peak through the ground.

Spring onions ready to eat.

A lawn begging to be mowed.

Buds swelling on the Maple trees.

It is breeding season for skunks and they are on the prowl scenting up the neighborhood.

  I caught one in a trap that was visiting my pigeon coop.

The rose bushes are sprouting leaves.

The cows are grazing in the pasture nipping off the green sprigs of tender grass.

The pear tree is pushing buds.


 Maybe tomorrow I will have “Hints that winter is still with us!”


  1. coleensr Said:

    Now that you’ve caught the skunk, what do you do with him?
    Loved seeing your signs of spring! Little things like that seem to chirk us right up!

    • Pat Said:

      Gene gassed him and sent him to skunk heaven. We have been overrun with skunks.

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