A Touch of Spring

This week I succumbed to the bite of the “spring bug”, well, just a little bit.  If it is not going to be winter it just as well be spring.  The warm days were gorgeous and started stirring that longing for flowers. gardening, and enjoying the lawn.  I did some “yard spring cleaning” ….trimmed the grape vines, a bush, and the dead stalks off the peonies.  Much to my chagrin new peony shoots are starting to peak through the ground already.  I burned a pile of sticks I had been collecting from the yard this winter and cleaned up the asparagus bed.  We started eating some spring onions which I set out the beginning of December.  I never dreamed that would actually make it without freezing!

My daffodils are pushing buds and the roses are starting to sprout leaves and it is only the beginning of February.  Customers are starting to ask for bedding plants, baby chicks, and potatoes.  One customer told me he has sweet corn 6  inches tall in pots in his house!!!

It is great to enjoy the warm days and work on “clean-up” jobs.  Baby chicks will start arriving in March and it is now safe to plant peas. However,  I strongly suggest that the other crops wait until March.  Old man winter is probably not done with us yet.

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