Highly Motivated

What motivates you to get a lot accomplished in a short period of time? For me it is an event. I make a list of everything I can think of that needs to be done and check things off.  √√√√√√√

This Memorial Day weekend was my “git’er done” time.  I have two events pushing me: Lauren’s high school graduation party this coming weekend and then my upcoming double knee replacement surgery next week. When I am very focused-don’t get in my way!!! My legs felt good, I worked hard and kept a steady pace.

May I have the satisfaction of telling you what I did? Saturday morning I was up early and baked cakes for the store, did my exercises and put a pork butt in the smoker and had my quiet time before 8 AM. In the afternoon I cleaned the house, washed some windows, finished the pork butt, fixed food for the fellowship meal at church on Sunday, and did the laundry. Today, I power-washed the deck (it looks like new), gave my flowers a drink of liquid fertilizer, nip the tall shoots on the blackberry bushes so that they will branch laterally, planted a few cucumber seeds on my trellis, picked asparagus, onions, and the last of the lettuce. cleaned out the greenhouse, plus a few other odd and end things. My list is all checked √√√√√√ off and I am one tired but happy puppy tonight. My feet hurt but I got “got’er done”. Now I’m ready to take a few weeks off.


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