A Unique Bridal Shower

I would not normally write about a bridal shower but Friday evening we had a very special, different and unique bridal shower at church for one of the upcoming brides, Marie Landis.  I decided to share a little bit about it as you gals out there might like the idea-I’m sure this will be of no interest to the guys!


The bride-to-be, Marie Landis, enjoying the evening.

The bridal shower invitation said to bring the gifts unwrapped but with our names clearly labeled on it.  Immediately I was in love with the idea. I really do not enjoy wrapping gifts and don’t have that professional touch that makes the gift look like a million dollars.  Also wrapping paper and especially the pre-made bows are expensive.  You can easily spend $5-10 dollars wrapping a gift to watch it become trash and worth 0 cents in a matter of seconds.

The gifts were displayed on  tables and the bride and guests browsed the tables, admiring the gifts.  You could look as much or little as you liked.





After a hilarious “most embarrassing” marriage episode shared by one of the ladies and prayer we were invited to refreshments. Chairs were set up in small circles where ladies could visit as they snacked on a delicious array of food.





A comforter for the new couple was in a quilting frame and everyone was encouraged to put in a least one knot.




Bertha  Schaefer helping her great-granddaughter put in  a knot.


Marie watching her future mother-in-law put her knot on the quilt.

By the time the evening was over, everyone was chattering about the the lovely, extra special evening.  I don’t know who’s idea it was to bring unwrapped gifts but it is an idea I hope becomes the norm!

Just a few other pictures of ladies having a good time.









  1. luvlyladye Said:

    It was a fantastic shower!

  2. Claire L Said:

    That’s the first time I’ve ever heard of unwrapped gifts, and I think it’s brilliant! It take so much pressure off the bride and allows everyone to spend more time in fellowship.

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Pat. Sorry I couldn’t make it. About bringing unwrapped gifts. A person might be more apt to spend a little more on the gift if they have to consider the wrapping part of their budget. It is a great idea and like you said it really is a waste.

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