I am just a country gal enjoying life as a farmers wife.  I love to write, garden, cook & bake and read. We raise Angus beef cattle and sell the natural, dry-aged, omega-3 enhanced meat in our farm supply store located in a barn on the farm.  We have 4 grandchildren.  Some of my writings, “From A Grandma’s Perspective”  can be read on our website www.hffinc.com under “Who We Are” tab.


  1. Bertha Metzler Said:

    Thanks Pat………I have heared your name mentioned several times during the life of baby Truman. So good to read what you & Gene said at Truman’s funeral and now I can put a face to your name.
    We enjoy having your brother Rich and Marj here in our area. They are such a blessign to We Care and to all the people they meet. God Bless you for standing by Micah & Krista during this dirfficult time in their lives. Micah lived with us before while he was dating Krista and we had some wonderful times together. )

    • Pat Said:

      So you are almost family!!!! Thanks for your kind words. I love to write and speak and it is very encouraging when you know it ministers to others. It seems Rich and Marj are really enjoying We Care. I have been to maybe 4 crusades. Donna Wyatt is also a very good friend of mine. We Care has had a huge impact on my life. I love the crusades but am not able to come every year.

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