Fun Day on the Farm-2012

One of our favorite and very special events is “Fun Day on the Farm”. Hundreds of people come and enjoy the the day on the farm. Vendors are invited to sell their wares and special things are planned for the children; hay rides, pony rides and kite flying.

Today was a gorgeous, sunny, spring day until a storm blew through around 1 PM causing everyone to scatter. (We were very blessed as the event was to run until 2).

Hay rides for the children

Ryan Hostetter (our grandson) getting a pony ride.  Towards the end of the day he came to me very emotional.

“Grandma, I don’t have any money and they (his parents) won’t give me any.  I don’t have anything to sell. Mommy and daddy are selling food. Can you share their money with me?”

Grandma: “Well, Ryan, what do you want to buy?”

Ryan: “A tractor and it cost lots of money.” (Ertl toy)

I am loving on an alpaca!

This lion eats 35 lbs of meat a day!  He really lets out a roar when he is getting fed!

I wish I could have included the roar-sounded like the largest motorcyle in the world starting up!

 This tiger was in the store a year ago. The picture below shows him then.   I had to show it so you can see what a beautiful animal he is growing up to be.  The heads on this creatures are so awesome!

Lauren Hertzler selling cookie mix in a jar.

Obe & Jill Hostetter and Emily Hertzler selling food-Hertzler’s hamburgers & brisket (off the farm)!

This little boy thought the rabbits stank!

Local author Nan Bodine selling her books.

Hope Palmore with Tall Tales Consignment & Tack Store.

Bass girls selling bracelets and cookies.

Baseball team “Powhatan Mules” selling Krispie Creme doughnuts as a fundraiser.

Jackie Whitley with Purina Mills.

James and Laura Ball, professional kite fliers, tried to fly their kites but there was not enough wind. Here he is preparing to fly one that can even fly indoors.


  1. Tim Gresham Said:

    Great pictures. Love the Flag Day Booth. Thanks again for inviting us to be a part of your day. We appreciate you.
    Thanks again.

    • Pat Said:

      Thanks for coming! The chocolate donuts were good!
      You will do Powhatan good!

  2. obejill Said:

    Mom, you are amazing. Not only did you stay up to midnight the night before talking with us, you were the first one up and going. Then after fun day, you spent the afternoon in the kitchen feeding us. We got home and crashed in bed tired, but you were still up, BLOGGING. I wish I had your energy!

    • Pat Said:

      I added a another comment under Ryan’s pic. You will have to check it out. Thanks for allllllll you help.

    • Pat Said:

      You do, my daughter!

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